Thursday, April 4, 2013

CSM8 voting is live.

Ahhhh CSM season. Always a good time to stop caring. Or at least that seems to be the general setting for most of the Eve populace. Something like 30% turnout of voters would be pretty epic…. compared to past years

Well if anyone ever gave a damn, here's some of my breakdown in candidates...

Well first, it's not to say that the CSM is bad, or under powered (or overpowered) for what they do, it's more of a question of the majority of the game's players might not understand what they do or why because frankly they don't care. So really that leaves the vote in the worst hands, those people who supposedly care and power blocks.

Okay, maybe not the worst. Still pretty bad.

Obviously it should come as no huge surprise that I will be spending my Voting pool placing Ripard Teg hopefully into great position to become a key member, well that is to say, A member of CSM8. The problem is with this Single Transferrable voting system that I have to figure out some other people to sit in slots 2-14?

After spending far too much time listening to the sexy voice of Xander P over at crossing Zebra's Podcast, I've realized that I am no closer to a decision than I was before. Honestly the sheer number of interviews he did is mind boggling and more than a little mind numbing.

FORTUNATELY for me, (and you - John Q Lazy Public), we have a breakdown of almost all the interviews in bite sized chunks, thanks to Poetic, over on his blog, neatly organized like so - LINK

Extra Vehicular has also reviewed the interviews to save me more time, or at least a second opinion…. Even if it is a little colored

It looks like this is the in post for the month, that is talking about who each blogger is going to vote for, so let's look at some big names choices…

Rixx - LINK

Ripard (can't write just one post) Teg - LINK

Rhavas - LINK

So I guess that leaves it to me. I would expend the effort required to give explanations, but to hell with that!

1. Ripard Teg
2. All Aras
3. Mangala Solaris
4. Malcanis
5. Nathan Jameson
6. Corebloodbrothers
7. Unforgiven Storm
8. James Arget
9. Korvin
10. Shit I've run out of people I would actually vote for, dammit.

Well if you didn't know CSM8 Voting is live now!!!!

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