Friday, April 5, 2013

SCL you say?! I think so!

YES SPACE FRIENDS! It is that time again. The Syndicate Competitive League ( in association with Monocle Madness (Mega-Lotteries for the mentally insane), Eve-Bet, Somer Blink, Eve time code(.com)and of course CCP Games creators of Eve Online!

Are happy to announce that this weekend the next round of fights is taking place as scheduled, this weekend, April 6 and 7th!

The first round starts Saturday at 1700 GMT (that's 10am PDT, my time zone), and has an updated Bracket in the appropriate section of the SCL website. I have posted it here for ease of view... The link is here if you would like to go check out the SCL website...

So for those of us who forget the exact format and rules, information about the matches can be found at this link, but here is the long and the short of it.

  • It is no longer a double elimination bracket, each fight is a set of a best of three matches, and 8 teams total are allowed to enter.
  • Teams captains, ten minutes prior to each match, ban two ships each. For instance, Bhaalgorns and Vindicators, while the other team is able to counter ban two ships of their own, let's say Kronos and Tengu.
  • Matches are fought on the Test server, mainly to prevent interference before CCP stepped in and moved the SCL (thanks Fozzie) to Jove space on the test server.
  • Each match is a total of 10 minutes with the team with the most points left after 10 minutes winning, or first ship to be destroyed loses if the match goes longer than 10 minutes. No draws.
Ship points, module rules and other more specific rules can be found on the SCL website if you are interested.

As always the action will be intense, and their insightful commentators, Bacchanalian, Apathetic Brent, and Seldarine will be on hand to keep us entertained.

Reports from the SCL staff is that Arydanika has been working hard to provide more between match content including interviews setup with some CCP staff like CCP Fox Four (Aka CCP "Socksfour") and community figures to provide a little more action between the action.

All in all I am pretty excited about this, the next round of the SCL. (and many more to come). Best of luck to the SCL staff, CCP Fozzie, and the combatants this weekend.

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