Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I don't usually post twice in a day

But when I do, it's about spaceships, FACTION spaceships.

Fozzie has release a blog about crazy FACTION BATTLECRUISERS!

Okay Frig and cruiser faction ships changes are in there too

Everyone should rejoice and go check it out!

Back yet?

Okay! For those of you too lazy to go look, I'll break down the changes in quick Logan-ese


  • Firetail gets a huge revamp, Higher base damage, more fitting, more HP.
  • Slicer stays mostly the same
  • Comet gets small buffs
  • Caldari Navy Hookbill gets a slight mobility nerf, but increases overall HP to soften to blow.

Discussion thread (details details....)


These sexy beasts have been evened out a bit for tiericied, thank you CCP!

  • Augoror NI : Gets a damage bonus to it's turrets, retains armor HP per level increase, also retains it's two utility highs
  • Omen NI : Gets a optimal range bonus to make it even more like the Zealot.
  • Osprey NI : Gets more agility and fits more like a better t1 Caracal.
  • Exequror NI : Double hybrid damage bonus, speed and agility retained to be an even more impressive close range brawler. No tracking bonus though so it might suffer vs smaller targets... very little though, TE's should help that.
  • Vexor NI : 125m3 Drone bandwidth(200m3 drone bay). Is that 5 heavy/Sentries drones? why yes, I think it is. Also gets it's hybrid turret bonus removed in favor of a drone velocity/tracking bonus of 5% per level.
  • Scythe FI : True split weapon ship, gets a 10% bonus per level to projectile turret and missile launcher damage per level, this equates to two 5% bonuses and should provide for a surprising encounter every time you see one.
  • Stabber FI : Slight change to it's mass, making it's agility take a hit. I wonder by how much.

Discussion thread with more details


  • Harby NI : 7/5/6, 6 turrets, lower drone bay, replacement of the cap reduction bonus with a 7.5% tracking increase (gonna be crazy)
  • Drake NI : 8/6/4. 8! Launchers, bonuses are 10% missile speed bonus, and 5% explosion velocity per level. And improved mobility.
  • Brutix NI : 7/4/7, 6 turrets, 50m3 drone bay/band, replaces armor rep bonus with a tracking bonus 7.5% per level. Increased speed and agility.
  • Huricane FI : Will now be known as the ficane - 8/4/6 6 turrets, More mobility, more fittings, aka the "old" hurricane is back! Fleet issue whelp is a go!
New faction BC's will be in the LP stores, the CCP post has more details on their costs...

Exact details are still "in the works" and will be posted in the Features discussion subforum ASAP

Faction BS

Will be looked at sometime soon, not hard scheduled for release with Odyssey, but on the plan to get looked at shortly afterwards.

All changes are still subject to modification, this post may become out of date quickly as changes are refined. Take a look at my t1 BS posts for confirmation about that.

Opinion :

All the changes look solid, but made me a bit curious about the place of t2 ships. looks like instead of just fixing the Tech embargo, CCP is just going to make t2 ships more and more obsolete. I'm okay with that!

FW LP hoarding is probably already happening!

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