Monday, April 8, 2013

First pass at t1 BS changes are live on the forums!

Caldari BS

Minmatar BS

Amarr BS

Gallente BS

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Caldari quick breakdown....

  • Rohk, resistance bonus changed from +5% shield resists per level to +4% shield resists per level
  • Raven, loses high (7h), gains mid (7m), keeps lows, picks up an increase in agility and speed, More fitting room for that mid.
  • Scorpion, No big changes (slight increase to hp)

Minmatar quick breakdown...

  • Maelstrom, unchanged
  • Tempest, Renamed combat BS, given more HP and fitting at the cost of a huge amount, +60, to sig radius.
  • Typhoon, HUGE CHANGE WARNING - Becomes a missile brawler, loses a high, gains extra missile bay slots, gets explosion velocity bonus to replace the gunnery bonus. Loses giant drone bay and 125m3 bandwidth, gets 100/100 bay/bandwidth.

Amarr quick breakdown....

  • Abaddon, Loses 1% resists, from 5% to 4% per level, otherwise unchanged.
  • Apocalypse, Replaces energy use bonus with a tracking bonus, keeps optimal range bonus, slight movement on it's hitpoints, slower to align, mostly unchanged.
  • Armageddon, HUGE CHANGE WARNING - Becoming the next in the Dragoon - Arbi - Prophecy chain, it's getting... 5 more launchers, one less high, less turret hardpoints (5 total now), 10% per level drone damage boost, 10% per level RANGE boost to energy neuts and vampires (44km or so faction heavy neuts). Drone bay up to 375m3 (matching the Domi) bandwidth of 125m3. Loses a low and a high, gains a mid (7h, 4m, 7L)

Gallente quick breakdown...

  • Hyperion, Gaining a low, but giving up a mid, gives up a launcher hardpoint.
  • Megathron, HUGE CHANGE WARNING - Becomes an "attack" Battleship, meaning, loses a low, gains a mid, loses 25m3 drone bandwidth and bay remains the same, 100/125, change of gun damage over to gun rate of fire. Slightly small sig radius.
  • Dominix, Replaces hybrid gun damage bonus with Drone tracking speed and optimal range, Bigger sig, but gets much more HP, retains 125m3/375m3 drone bay.
Quick guesses at biggest winners,
  1. Amarr - Armageddon, changes to neuts and drones and lows of rawr in that package
  2. Caldari - Raven, Cavalry Raven is a go! Also only race to have a ECM BS with the HP of an attack Battleship (Scorp ftw)
  3. Minmatar - Typhoon, Becoming a full on missile ship, after torp changes will likely be fairly strong. Took some convincing for me to think of this as a good change as you can see in the comments here.
Biggest individual losers
  1. Gallente - Megathron, I don't like it. Seems more like it will be a big shield tanker now with the five mids.
Racially biggest winners
  1. AMARR
Racially biggest losers
  1. GALLENTE - Loss of the 5th mid on the Hype is a pretty big deal, the aforementioned Megathron change. Then the domi is largely MEH and not amazing.
Going to be an interesting thread-naught in both those change threads.


  1. How the fuck is the phoon a biggest loser? CCP ripped the ridiculous SP requirements from the ship, and are turning it into a very potent brawler. Extra midslot gives the ship some much needed defensive options, while retaining 7 lows for an active/passive tank. I don't see how Minnie or Gal is "losing" this round, or how Amarr is "winning". If anything, the only really questionable change I've seen so far is the Mega slot layout change, which is admittably bold of CCP.

    1. I don't see the changes to the phoon as a good thing. So obviously our opinions are going to vary on this one. Here's my reasoning (for right now, outside of the mentioned missile changes I have heard a few words about). Even with 25% bonus to explosion velocity, torps still aren't going to do great damage against smaller sized ships, and cruise aren't exactly amazing either.

      The minmatar now don't have any kind of drone ship in their arsenal, nor any non-carrier that can field five+ heavy drones. The typhoon didn't get much more armor and has more base shield than armor, but has more lows than mids.

      I see the amarr change, especially the geddon change, as a pretty big deal. Geddon's aren't used much currently, but after the change? every fleet will have one because of heavy neut range being a pretty big deal. Means that a geddon with two-three neuts will be staples in almost every fleet, casting out a net of neut-death for smaller ships all around it. Meanwhile it's main weapon system will be drones and is not cap-dependent, leaving cap aplenty for whatever lasers it wants to mount or more importantly neuts it wants to fit.

      I could respond more with my first impressions but I don't want to change a comment response into a huge post :)

    2. keep in mind that in the post CCP have said they're going to look at BS missile systems, a.k.a. fixing torps.

  2. It's not like Gallente BS were OP before.