Thursday, April 18, 2013

Your True Stories for the player timeline of Eve

As most people know, Eve is turning the ripe age of 10 years old this year and has several events and the 10th Fanfest going on in the upcoming weeks. True Stories from the first decade is another aspect of the 10 year celebration and can be found at this link. Kind of like a player led timeline of the eve experience, stories that have been entered so far range from the pirate gank to the ultra-industrialist swarm, 0.0 space battlez and everything in between.

Currently we are in the "submit a true story" phase, and that will last for another 13 days, until May 1st (GMT) and then voting will open for the best story until May 15th.

This contest isn't about the best writer or the best story but more about writing down the history of the first decade of Eve Online. From what I have read so far, some stories tell of a timeline while others cover specific events.

Here are a few examples of stories being posted, dig in and enjoy, there are plenty more out there and more being added all the time.

Battle of C9N-CC - One of the biggest capital battles of the era before supercapitals


Scorching Light

So, while we are speaking of the timeline... CCP has released a easier to follow timeline in near slide-show format of the (short) history of Eve. Well when I say history I mean the Cannon of Eve and not just player history stories and interactions. It's a wonderful, thankfully short, introduction to the sprawling backstory of Eve Online. I wish it had more crosslinks to the chronicle pages in the evelopedia to allow people who are interested to learn more about their favorite factions, people and events.

In any case, here is the link for the timeline page!

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