Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even a late bird gets a worm.

TXW was unusually quiet for some time before Leprosorium decided to make a stop by our system in a few BC's.  Admittedly, we undocked 2 BS and a HIC(me) to try to effect some tackle on their BC's and they rightfully ran like hell, and called us out on bringing heavier ships to engage their BC's, conveniently leaving out that they DID outnumber us 5 v our 2-3.  We chased them back to XYY.  Approximately then, one of Leprosorium's alt scouts in TXW said that a BSOD gang was headed our way!

Happy for some kind of a fight, a smallish gang was formed at the station, consisting of a few Armageddon BS since we knew that the BSOD guys always show up in force.  In jumped around 4 drakes and a few tacklers, hanging on the 5-F gate in TXW.  Our gang had about 5-6 people in it now, 3 in armageddon's, myself in a Devoter and a Navy Comet.

With the ever-rallying cry of "who wants to live forever!" we warped in on the gate hoping to go down swinging!  Immediately local blossomed as the rest of the BSOD+Friends fleet jumped into us, intent of eliminating our small squad.  We lost a armageddon to the first skirmish on the gate, just before I got to jump through.  I thought and was hoping there was a good chance I would break free on the other side, however a smart interceptor pilot had jumped through with me and nabbed me before I could warp off of the gate, The other BS made it off the field before more could jump through and get them.

I reversed towards the gate, engaging all my hardeners, and waited for the pain train to roll into the station.  I didn't have to wait to long, but thanks to some smart thinking on their side, their fleet remained split, leaving me without an escape.  Only got bumped out of jump range once...  But it hardly mattered, my fate was written in this ship at least!

I teased them for a while, my passive tank soaking up the damage with some ease, and just as I hit below half armor I jumped through into the other fleet, and was quickly reduced to dust ...  just had to make sure they didn't all get on my mail.  Besides I hate it when people do that to me so I had to return the favor!

I even managed to get my pod back to the station (they didn't have any dictors).

I quickly changed ships into the Hydra II, and undocked, heading for a offgate spot about 200km from their fleet, to see if I could pull some of their light tackle off the gate and engage with any luck.  They had a Malediction, Crusader and some friends.  Shortly after I landed they were all warping to/jumping out into 3MOG, with one crusader providing hope for me by MWDing at first out towards me and then over towards 3MOG, I tried to catch up with him but I was AB fit and a little timid about their fleet turning around to kill me, again.  Knowing that he was MWD would turn the tide later.

With the lack of a RK fleet to distract the main bit of their fleet I followed cautiously behind, at the heels of the other Crusader.  His fleet left him behind in 3MOG, and after a few near misses, I would jump through, he would have just jumped back, etc.  We engaged in 3MOG, I however jumped through to verify no large fleet was waiting on the other side to jump back through and kill me!  That cost me my shields as he got a volley off before I jumped.

With nothing on the other side, and no shields (first volley of his hit me at 0m/s on the other side and HURT) I jumped back through and twisted around to engage.  Barreling in this time, I already had loaded IN Multi lenses, had my guns overheated from the start and swept into a stable 2500m orbit around his sader.  We traded blows, his shots taking me into first mid armor and then low armor, my guns burning down into his armor just as quickly, though I had a bit more to make up as he still had shields.

Once inside 2500m, AB on and scram on him the speed advantage was mine, I pulsed my small rep, and manually avoided his fire.  His damage lessened long enough for me to catch up, and with him in low armor I turned again, landing strong hits along his hull, venting his pod into space.  We shared a GF in local and then after some inept fumbling on my part to kill his pod it was over and I was left with just his wreck.  Time for some spoils!  Evidently he had been looting from other fights.  Looks like my dogfighting setup worked for once!  Manually turning around to run back past him helped as well.

The other guy

After action analysis (AAA) - I did all that shit I said I was going to do after I lost the Hydra I.  You know what?  It worked!  I gained some revenge for my lost HIC, I didn't want it anyways!

Shortly after that fight the Leprosorium guys succumbed to some shiny Hurricane bait and lost some of their fleet.  Flew a Vaga in that fight, I keep forgetting just how much like a inty that ship is!  Nearly zoomed out of range three times.  Anyways it was a short fight and, ended well for us.

Best quote from that fight was Poem asking the scramming rifter be removed from the fight, followed shortly by a thanks as he was vaporized under fire from Floobus.  I even managed to sneak onto that mail!

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