Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Logan's Run

In recent times, my eve time has come under strenuous fire from my life. In the meantime it seems that my forays into the world of eve have proven poor time spent for few or no kills, except for myself. The following details the fights I have been in over the past few months, sparse as they may have been.

"The cane that just wouldn't die!"

Until now, of course

I left from Orvolle, flying in my trusty AC fit Hurricane that was nearing the end of it's insurance cycle and seemed difficult to kill, it has been into battle more than once, survived when the rest of the fleet was wiped out and even made the trek back to syndicate from Molden Heath in one piece.

I moved through the gate into nearby lowsec searching for some action on my way down to Stacmon/Vestouve/TXW. I soon had my wish. A small contingent of -47- pilots barred one of the lowsec gates, daring me to attack, however I am familiar with their usual tactics and jumped back through escaping deeper into lowsec to find a way around what turned out to be a domi, 3 cruisers, two of the t2 and two more BCs.

On my way through ostingele a Myrm appeared on scan, Ost has only one belt and soon I was at it but it seemed the Myrm had already left the belt. I aligned to the gate, looking through pilots in local and seeing 1-2 pirates, Negative ten alliance. I hoped one or both of them were watching and it turns out I got my wish, the Myrm returned and battle was had.

Neuts reached out from both our ships as I traded out to close range ammo. His drones were quickly launched, however my cap was dead quickly and I was unable to run my neuts to cripple his tank. I focused on his drones, eliminating 3-4 of his Ogre II's during the battle. My passive tank was no match for his determined drones. A late addition to the fight, a most unwelcome Cyclone sealed my doom. I don't recall even getting the Myrm below 3/4 armor during the whole fight, made me wish I had brought my triple rep myrm instead! I had go before I could make good my return in the Myrm. At least it was not a gank fleet that claimed my BC! I'm not sure how I could have won this battle, perhaps spending more time shooting the Myrm and less on his drones, but it seems unlikely he would have died before the cyclone came in, maybe when the Cyclone landed I should have switched over... seems like I was doomed from the undock on this one.


Then there was the thrasher that was convinced it was a coercer. Definitely in my list of top 10 worst Destroyer fittings, if not number one.

I received word of a Tengu sitting on a gate in Aubres, and along with a mix of other pilots started heading in that direction, but everyone else was closer. Sadly not on this kill, but I was there in spirit!

When I arrived there was the Tengu wreck, a Drake pilot (flashy from the same corp as the Tengu), and a noob Thrasher headed to the Tengy wreck and a abandoned can of cap 800's... I was uncloaked by the gate and warily looked at the Drake as the thrasher took from the alliance can's 800's and turned flashy to me!

Throwing my AB on I headed towards the Thrasher, laughing, launching drones, neut, web and scrambler. Thrasher had no idea what was going on and died quickly(lol). However the Drake wasn't so happy and engaged me, launching HAM's into my plated Pilgrim. I turned on my rep, and headed back towards the gate! Local was spiking like crazy right then as a fleet entered system, 20+ gains in local. I figured I was done for as they started landing on the gate but they immediately engaged the Drake (as he was flashy and I wasn't) and I was able to jump through to safety! (and an immediate cloak and warp away from the gate. It was lucky I was able to jump out otherwise I might have been next on their dinner course!

Just to repost the Thrasher fit.... WOW

Early this month I scanned down a Raven in a plex in a WH off of Stacmon... However by the time I got back to it with a combat ship, all I got was this lousy Osprey! Anyways I finished the job on cleaning up the plex and made it out 3 minutes before the WH collapsed. Close call considering my combat ship didn't have a probe launcher fit!

I scanned through my ships in Stacmon and decided to head out with a Crusader, something I have never flown before so most likely my fit was bad, but it was a blast to fly. I chased some random fleets around close to TXW to land a tackle by managed to fail at that as well... sadly.

A short AFK later and all I could find in local was a Eris passing through with a few (2 others) from the IUS alliance. I decided to take that gamble and headed to the 3MOG gate. A Manticore landed and jumped through with me, uncloaking and then engaging me on the far side. I knew he had to have friends on the way, but damn it I wanted a kill before I had to log again! I burned towards him as his damps had their way with my already small lock range... don't ask about the t2 WD instead of t2 WS... Anyways, I got close enough to hold a point on him and pin him back with my LAZORS....

Just as he entered structure, the Eris landed, immediately throwing up a bubble (goodbye pod) and locking me down with a pesky warp scrambler, nicely fit. I overheated my rep, guns and mind, trying to find a way out... It was easy to find one but only after I killed the damn Manticore!

125mm rails ate me up quickly, and I popped shortly there after, as did my pod... Wouldn't you know my clone was still set across the damn universe!


Turns out the last guy was in a pod, so 2 v 1, I still should have won! I think if I had fit a warp scrambler, paid a bit better attention to range on the Eris, engaged it first even with the manti in structure, and I might have survived or chased off one or both of the hostiles and been a lot happier. Gonna have to remember that next time! Maybe if I had overheat my guns from the get go I could have gotten out of there before the Eris landed or uncloaked, not sure what one lol! Maybe a healthy dose of watching my overview wouldn't hurt either!

I got a new PulseSader, fit it better this time(WS), even with RIGS! wewt... Now to find more play time... and another death.

Side note, my clone cost 20 mil isk now :( I miss the days where my clone was worth like 500k.

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