Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zephyr, not just the name of the claw that killed me!

Well CCP did it, something other than the usual for Christmas.  No snowball launchers this year it looks like, maybe they will do both!  Now that would make me happy.

Anyways, what am I talking about?  Check out the new Dev blog.

Or even better the new sexy screenie of the new ship they are going to give us!

That is the better of the two screenies!  Even get's it's own proble launcher, pod like invul from Sleepers and NPC's targetting.  Oh yeah, and it is called the Zephyr class!  Too funny.

But I was so close to fitting a Raven with 6 x snowball launchers and terrorizing some newbs!  Damn!  Well I can still hope, since they didn't say instead of snowball launchers!


  1. First glance at that and I thought minnies were getting a new BS.


  2. we do need a vertical battleship...:D

  3. Doesn't the Tempest fit the Vertical battleship mold? Another one would be pimp though!

  4. the tempest is just as long as it is vertical. The only Battleship I consider to be actually vertical is the Nightmare...but i think we need a normal t1 vertical battleship.