Saturday, June 19, 2010

AT8 Finals round 1

Well I was right about the one thing that mattered.  It's getting to be habit to write that!  10/16 this time!  A little bit better 0.625, going up!  Wewt!

We squeezed through thanks in large to poor FCing in the latter half of the match by OWN but a win is a win and we will take it.  The rest of the day was filled with some surprises.

How about CVA and DADDY?  Looks like CVA took this very seriously, maybe they should have looked at the invasion of Providence like a AT match.  (snap)

The amazingly boring fight between CH. and Agony left me near-asleep, but Agony pulled off a big win there, strong in the turtle love.  Wonder how they will do vs the resurgent CVA?

Atlas plowed into the next round, overall a pretty hard hitting first day of the finals!  Still happy we made it into the next round....  But things just got serious.

We face off against HYDRA RELOADED in the next round.  it's a fight we saw coming a while ago so we have been hard at work trying to find a way around those damn bombers!  Silly little things.

Anyways, first match is tomorrow @ 1500 GMT (a lovely 8am PST for me).  Will have to see what we come up with to believe it!

My ever-present predictions
CVA over Agony
Voltron over Co2
B A N E over DT
Wrong over Darkside
Dystopia over Panda (sad Panda) :(
Paisti over PL (in a surprise upset)
Ronin over ATLAS

Should be an exciting day 2

From there we will see RK over CVA  Then RK over VOLTRON, then RK over Dystopia =)

I hope.

Goodnight and goodluck.

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