Wednesday, June 2, 2010

13% chance of Survival, Gotta change that!

What is it that Meme time of the month again, or half year?

RJ, Mr. Mule Manasi, Nash, all the way back to Romeo...  Numbers are an interesting thing!

Logan Fyreite

BC Rank - 14,847

Lifetime kills - 647

Lifetime losses - 81

ISK Destroyed - 60,052,525,524

ISK Lost - 5,940,814,400

Favourite prey - Capsule

Ships lost most frequently - Capsule (see it's just retribution)

Total pods killed - 169 according to BC, I think that number is much higher.

Thanks to my extensive corp histories my STIM numbers look even less impressive!

Logan Fyreite

Corp Rank - #29 with 272 kills

Chance of enemy survival: 13.33%

Pilot Efficiency (ISK) : 93.67% 

I have 57 Kills from a Vagabond and 44 in a Taranis!  I never even knew I flew the Ranis that much!  I guess I just get lucky when I get in one of those.

My top solo kill was against this Rapier.  I was ratting, minding my own business trying to earn some capital.  PvP of course.  This was after the Damp nerf btw, anyways I am aligning to warp out and suddenly RAPIER.  I cancel warp (I was bumping off a roid anyways), he double webs/points me and I drop bouncers, then scoop those and drop Garde just as I lose lock thanks to the SD's he just dropped on me.  Garde's get mad, and he gets dead.  I have that warp disruptor on my Cynabal now!  And yes, it did sit in my hangar forever!

Man I need to get out there and kill more!


  1. good number still man :) For an accurate number of paods n such killed look at the battleclinic posts and evesco too...there are probably some you did not know you had missed.

  2. I got the pods killed information from BC, looked at eve-kill and they had less there than BC.

  3. Still good numbers m8. I gotta kill something soon or I'm gonna go bat-shit crazy. Three weeks grrr

  4. Rixx, I hear blue on blue violence curses insanity :)

    Yeah three weeks would drive me a bit crazy too, but the tourney crap has been keeping my need to kill in check so far!