Monday, June 14, 2010

AT8 Round 3 Day 1 Predictions

CCP worked fast this week, the matches are already set for round 3.  After some great fights you can see the standings here...

AT8 Qualifiers Standings

The match schedule is up, coming pretty close to in line what people were expecting.  We are on the left ladder, going against a whole horde of AT favorites and contenders including, AAA, Cry Havoc., VOLTRON, ROL, Agony, and HYDRA.  The right side of the ladder has the favorites PL and Dystopia Alliance, in addition to Panda Team, Soldiers of Thunderstorm, and Atlas.

Tourney Bracket Link

Our first match will be vs OWN alliance!  Kinda extra crappy since it will be at 1500 GMT, meaning an earlier morning for us to prep for the match!

I think the first round will play out like this;
Saturday June 19th, 2010

15:00  Rote Kapelle  v  OWN Alliance - Ranked #1 overall, RK's not going to take this match as a walkover, expect tough resistance from OWN with a close (but hopefully not as close as last week) win from Rote Kapelle.

15:20  Leguinea Romana v HYDRA RELOADED - HYDRA has been unstoppable thus far, the trend continues... for this match.  I hope this is one I am wrong about because it would be great to see the underdogs here win.

15:40  Cry Havoc. v Agony Empire - CH. pulls out the stops here, breaking Agony's chance at entering the next round.  Should be a tough, hard match, but in the end...

16:00  The G0dfathers v Curatores Veritatis Alliance - CVA's exceeded all expectations after their round 1 fight, advancing to the second round.  Their streak ends here with the strong G0DS team coming in ahead.

16:20  Circle-Of-Two v RED.OVERLORD - Co2 and ROL JUST PLAYED in round 2.  Damn rematches, I think Co2 wins again.  But it's a tough call, pretty ballsy to put out all those Freki.

16:40  WE FORM VOLTRON v Against ALL Authorities - Another crazy match here!  VOLTRON has been great so far, and we know AAA is equally skilled from personal experience.  So difficult for me to call because I have been backing VOLTRON from the start.  AAA seriously impressed me last week, so I'm not going to choose a winner here.  Heart AAA, head VOLTRON.

17:00  B A N E v Electric Monkey Overlords - BANE's gonna lose, it's just not going to be this time.  EMO out.

17:20  Ushra'Khan v Dead Terrorists - U'K Have put up a great showing so far, finding strong counters and luck that their counters fit the situations, I expect their luck to continue.


18:20  The Wrong Alliance v Majesta Empire - Majesta was lucky to even advance.  Sloppy piloting and FCing to bring Ewar at 0 on the becon, it cost them the match in short order.  Wrong alliance Wins.

18:40  DarkSide. v Morsus Mihi - MM's FC's managed the win in a strong way in round 2, Darkside.'s setup and strong FCing, keeping targets locked out won their match.  It's going to be a very close one that I think MM wins.

19:00  SOLAR FLEET v Panda Team - Panda Team made it.  Now they truly are dangerous.  They advance vs SOLAR.

19:20  Dystopia Alliance v Get Off My Lawn - LAWN faced a loss in round 2, it's all about the rebound in this match vs a very difficult match up.  They do well, but fail to advance.  Dystopia.

19:40  Paisti Syndicate v Soldiers of Thunderstorm - So7 is another that squeaked into the third round after leveling IAC in round 2.  Paisti alliance benefited from poor FCing in their last match, allowing them to kill the heart of their opponents setup before the match got out of control.  This one may already be out of control.

20:00  Pandemic Legion v T o r m e n t u m - T o r m e n t u m has done well as the underdog thus far.  Looking to continue this streak versus the current AT champs, unlikely.

20:20  THE R0NIN v Electus Matari - EM lost a big fight against ERROR, this one is even bigger, with the same result.

20:40  Atlas Alliance v Important Internet Spaceship League - IISL squeaked into the 3rd round by thinking outside the Tengu/Drake setup.  Now the pressure's really on.  They advance in a close match.

Not sure there will be time to predict the other round, but RK makes it to the finals!

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