Friday, December 11, 2009


I will add a battlereport to this once I find out what happened, but seriously ouchies!

35 kills 1 loss

From Bacc

Quick and dirty summary.  An hour+ of smacking them.  We fuck off, then decide fuck it, let's give them one more chance.  They've got a 30-man fleet waiting for us, we jump in with about 14 BS and some BCs.  Totalhelldeath commences.  They primary the Damnation, then the Bhaalgorn, then Cassius (they kill Cass), then the Bhaalgorn, then the Damnation, and at some point in there they shoot the Scorpion but he warps off, repairs at station, and comes back.  They jam the Damnation the entire time, sometimes with 2 jammers, and otherwise manage to die horribly.  Several of them come back in a second ship only to die horribly again, and they lose a Scorpion at 90km to an armor-tanked Raven that slowboated out to him to point and kill him.

We had too much loot to carry home so we popped a few dozen t2 drones and several wrecks full of loot.

The end.


  1. Hot damn, STUGH power!

    Six more days and four more finals until I can PvP...I can do it, I can!

  2. I feel you there, I missed to while I was playing with the puppies and hanging out with the wife, gonna be online tonight though with any luck.

    Good luck on your finals!!! I hate those things!

  3. Nice kills. I hope ill get into 0.0 soon, but my corp is still organizing and waiting for the dust to settle...